Washable and reusable pee pad for dogs and cats

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Size 67 x 100cm

Comfortable and environmentally friendly pet pad as it can be washed and reused, avoiding generating waste.

Made with 4 protective layers to ensure the quick absorbency of urine preventing leaks. Neutralizes the smell and avoids stains on the floor, furniture and seats as it does not leak.

The bottom layer is made of non-slip material so that it does not move from where it is placed.

  • Machine washable
  • Resists your pet’s bites and games
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At Disane we dedicate € 1 of each product sale to several animal shelters in Spain.


Washable pee pad for dogs. Reusable and durable. Beautiful design in neutral colours so it fits in any corner of your home.

Composition of the washable pee pad for dogs:

  1. Soft breathable mesh, super comfortable for pets. Its breathable material neutralizes the bad odors. Designed in neutral shades so the pad will look good anywhere in your home.
  2. Super absorbent material layer that quickly absorbs the liquid from the surface of the pad.
  3. Waterproof PU shell. Keeps the liquid inside the pad and prevents leaking to floors, furniture… Bye bye stains!
  4. Anti-slip base. The bottom layer is made of anti-slip material to prevent the pad from shifting while being used.

Uses of the washable and reusable pad:

  1. Puppy training
  2. Incontinence in old animals
  3. Convalescent animals that can´t go outdoors
  4. Car seats protection during travels
  5. Kennel protection during long trips
  6. Cats showing aversion towards cat litter
  7. Absorbent pad to be placed under the pet feeder.

Also you can check this video to see how the washable pee pad for pets looks!

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Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Gray, Beige

How to use

Place the cat and dog pee pad in a quiet place. Bring your pet to the pad when it wants to urinate. To help your pet start using the pad, you can use a urination attractant.

Washing Instructions

Wash at 30º. Do not use bleach or fabric softner. Suitable for low tumble dry. To extend the usable life of the pad, hang to dry. Do not dry clean. Do not iron.

3 reviews for Washable and reusable pee pad for dogs and cats

  1. Miguel

    Lo recomiendo 100%!! Compré 2 porque he adoptado un cachorro y no quería utilizar empapadores desechables para entrenarlo. Así cuando lavo uno tengo el otro disponible hasta que se seca. Absorbe muy bien y se seca bastante rapido.

  2. Maribel

    Muy contenta con la compra. El empapador gris queda bonito en casa y es muy absorbente.

  3. Alba

    Es útil para poner sobre la cama del animal con incontinencia y que el orín no cale la cama?

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