Natural Eye Cleaner for Dogs

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Natural eye cleaner for dogs specifically formulated to remove brown spots and stains from around the eyes and tear ducts.

Our eye cleaner is guaranteed to keep your pet’s eyes clean and healthy.

Suitable for all breeds and for frequent use.

Formulated exclusively with biocompatible ingredients and the same physiologic-pH as your dog’s tears to keep eyes free from dirt, rheum and secretion buildup, preventing infections and stains.

  • Mild, non-toxic and alcohol-free formula
  • pH adapted, veterinarian formulated and cruelty-free
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At Disane we dedicate € 1 of each product sale to several animal shelters in Spain.


Using eye cleaner regularly is recommended to prevent eye issues, including conjunctivitis and the appearance of stains around your dog’s eyes, and comfortably eliminates the bacteria that produces these issues.

The package has a special dispenser in the tip for outstanding precision when applying the natural cleanser around the sensitive eye area.

Use it together with the Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs and prevent your dog from getting infections.

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125 ml


Trim the hair around the eyes for a more effective cleaning.
Soak a cotton ball with the cleaner and apply it around the eyes and around the tear ducts.
Then wipe the stains and dry secretions with a cotton ball.
Use a fresh cotton ball to clean the other eye.
To treat eye infections, apply this treatment three times a day for a week.
Do not apply the product directly to your pet’s eyes.
The special dispenser makes it easy to manage the exact amount you need.


Aqua, Polysorbate 80, Chloromethylisothiazoline, Methylisothiazolinone.

2 reviews for Natural Eye Cleaner for Dogs

  1. Esther

    Me gusta mucho este limpiador! estoy muy contenta porque mi perro es blanco y se le notan mucho las manchas de los ojos y así se le quedan super limpios.

  2. Giovana

    Se puede también usar para limpiar los ojos de los gatos? O es exclusivo para perros?

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