Disane Pet Care

Disane Pet Care is the new line created by Abedul Productos Farmacéuticos to care for the health and hygiene of dogs and cats. A selection of products created with natural ingredients that respect the health of your pet and its environment.
Disane Pet Care, productos naturales para la salud de tu mascota

Natural products

We use mild, organic ingredients, natural fragrances and natural emollients and colorants when we formulate our products.
The Disane Pet Care product range does not use parabens, it is cruelty-free and the product development process is under pharmaceutical and veterinary control.

Our products also contact a balanced pH that respects pets’ skin and reduces the risk of allergies.

Disane Pet Care, higiene y cuidad de tu mascota

About Disane

Abedul Farma created its new Disane Pet Care line because of its love for animals and to offer an alternative to the highly toxic conventional products that we use on our dogs and cats.

So we started searching for pet-friendly products, because if chemicals aren’t good for you, they aren’t good for your pet.

We are happy to offer an alternative for everyone who treats their pets like a member of the family, because that’s how we think of our pets. Our products are natural and are friendly to both your pet and the environment, which means that it’s safe for even the youngest members of the family to be around your pets.

And we are also committed to caring for and protecting all those animals who haven’t found their forever home. We collaborate with several animal shelters and associations through donations and sponsorships.

Productos sin insecticidas químicos ni parabenos