Natural Anti-Parasite Collar for Dogs

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Natural and chemical-free anti-parasite collar for dogs made in premium hypoallergenic rubber, adjustable and water resistant, with ergonomic safety buckle. Since it does contains no chemical insecticides in can be used with puppies older than 3 months, pregnant females and dogs with allergies to conventional toxic insecticides.

The anti-parasite collar provides concentrated 90-day protection against all types of insects: fleas, ticks, lice and mosquitoes (including the sandfly that transmits leishmaniosis).

  • Non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Veterinarian formulated and cruelty-free
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At Disane we dedicate € 1 of each product sale to several animal shelters in Spain.


Suitable for daily use and for all dog breeds

Unlike the Disane Natural Anti-Parasite Collar, conventional anti-flea collars come into direct contact with your pet’s skin, passing toxic chemical insecticides to your pet’s fur, and putting not only pets’ health but also its environment at risk.

The natural anti-parasite collar for dogs, repels insects and other pests thanks to its high content of neem (Margosa extract), a natural insecticide that provides active 90-day protection.

This Anti-Parasite Collar for Dogs can be used together with the Disane Anti-Parasite Spot-On Treatment for Dogs; there are no contraindications and they pose no risk to your pet’s health, increasing treatment effectiveness and preventing infestations.

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Single-dose blister pack.


Remove the collar from the bag.
To unroll, pull the tongue down and adjust the size to your pet’s neck.
Cut away any excess.
Replace the collar every three months.


One size fits all; 60 cm.
Suitable for all dog breeds.
With ergonomic safety buckle.


Extracto de margosa

2 reviews for Natural Anti-Parasite Collar for Dogs

  1. Raquel

    Me daba cosa ponerle un collar antipulgas a mi perro de 4 meses y encontré este que no tiene quimicos. Lo compre para probar y la verdad que me gusta mucho. yo le pongo el collar y la pipeta 1 vez al mes donde la cola para por si acaso y me va muy bien. Lo saco por ciudad, por el campo no he probado todavia.

  2. Dani

    Yo se lo pongo a mis perros como complemento de la pipeta en verano. En épocas que no hace mucho calor les dejo solo este collar y no les pongo pipeta para no andar siempre con químicos y estoy muy contento, no cogen nada.

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